Quids Inn

Gallery. Location. 14 The Kingsway, SA11EG MAP About Quid’s in was developed during the economic slump of the 90s from the “ashes” of Martha’s Vineyard. The marketing idea was ” every drink was a ” quid” making it a favorite for hen and stag nights.

Martha’s Vineyard

About. Martha’s Vineyard opened in the early 80s as an alternative to Swansea’s Top Rank. It started with a relaxed Americana style and was at that time the only club in town you could get in without a tie and actually wear jeans! Over the years, during the 90s it developed into a dance club…

Virgin Records

About. Virgin Records on Union Street wasn’t a mega store but one of Virgins first small shops. Although not a venue, it was an essential meeting place for anyone interested in the alternative music scene. With its bulletin boards plastered with posters for gigs, and band members wanted. Shelves of the latest releases vinyl records…


About. Swansea, Students, Association bar was located in the upstairs of The Monde buildings on Union Street. It hosted many of the early Swansea punk bands such as: the Trendies, Manquin, Band 2 and the Dyfatty Flats. Location. Mond Buildings, SA1 3ND Gallery.