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March 18th 2020

We are here for you! At Swansea MAD our priority is to continue to support our communities and for everybody to stay safe. We want to maintain connections with people and make new ones with people who may really need it. We are here to keep having a conversation with you about your feelings and needs. We care about you all and are working with partners, friends, colleagues and the community to find ways to directly support you. We will continue to speak with decision-makers about the worries you have expressed to us and we will always fight for you! We are here for you! 

As a digital organisation, we shall increase our engagement and training on our E Learning Platforms and shall share via Live Online Forums and other digital platforms. This will be completed through elearn.madswansea.com (an online extension to our website). We will support people digitally, having communication through emails, telephone calls, twitter, messenger, whatsapp or teamviewer to make completing workshops easier and to enable people to feel connected.

We have reduced our group sizes at Swansea MAD to 3 per workshop, which enables us to isolate computer stations and people will be over 2 metres apart. All equipment is being disinfected before and after use. The next group to use the computer will be using alternative computers to the previous group. This will leave 72 hours between cycles. 

Please get in touch if you need anything. Sending love and hope to you all.  

Stay Safe, Swansea MAD Team 

We produce engaging digital media and bring it to life on a wide range of platforms.

From video and music to web apps and interactive virtual reality. We are a team of passionate technology and digital media experts.  We are always excited to hear your ideas and see how we can help to bring them to life!

It all started in the community and that’s where we’re staying.

We are a community interest company and everything we do goes back into the company so we can develop and grow as a group to do good in our community.   To share our skills and work on projects that benefit from them. On top of that,  we are continuously looking for ways to secure funding to allow us to deliver our services to those that need it most for substantially lower costs or even free.

Our most requested services

If you don’t see what you’re looking for then let us know your ideas as we’ve only covered our most popular services below to keep things organised.

Sound and video

Video and photography, editing, animation, CGI, music production, audio editing.

Kiosk and mobile information

Information desks, tag based virtual tours, interactive kiosks, geotagging and location based information.  

Web, apps, vr, ar

Websites, apps, virtual and augmented reality interactive games, education and experiences.


Dedicated in-house training academy and on-site training for business and more.

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We provide a wide range of digital technology solutions and provide local training in information technology and creative technologies.

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